Make Moving Easier With Our PODS

Getting ready to make a move in the Seattle, Washington area? Our PODS can make the moving process much easier! These steel containers securely store your stuff until you are ready to unpack. The steel PODS are weatherproof for even the rainiest Seattle weather, totally secure, and roomy enough to hold all of your stuff. We deliver the PODS container to your location where you can either fill it up yourself or have our team do it for you. Then, we can deliver the filled PODS container to your new location when you are ready for it. No need to coordinate moving dates or scramble to get ready. You can pack your stuff up now and have it delivered whenever you need it! This is the most convenient, stress-free way to complete your move.

Let Our Packing Team Fill Your PODS

The biggest hassle when it comes to moving is packing everything up. It’s exhausting, time-consuming, and you have other things you could be doing to prepare for your move within the Seattle area. Why not let our packing specialist do the work for you? Our packing experts can pack one room or your whole household in order to save you time and frustration. Plus, we’ll use high-quality packing materials to ensure all of your belongings are safely packed and ready for the transition. We specialize in packing up kitchens, the hardest room in the house to pack due to all those breakable items! Let our team pack your kitchen and save you hours of time.

We Can Even Help With the Unpacking

Ready to unload your PODS container? Let our team help. Simply direct our team about where your items go and they’ll make sure each piece is safely put into place. We know how exciting it is to unpack that container and turn your new house into a home! We make sure the process stays fun and exciting as you direct our team with all of your beloved objects. We’ll move heavy furniture into place and carry all those boxes upstairs so you can focus on getting things set up. Our team is your moving partner from start to finish and takes all the hard work out of the moving process.

You’ll Love Acme Moving Labor’s Services

Acme Moving Labor does all of the work ourselves. We don’t hire out third party labor to do the work for us! We make sure that every person handling your belongings is an Acme-trained professional who holds themselves to our high professional standards so you can put your trust in our team. We offer competitive pricing on our incredible packing labor services and make sure every customer is thrilled with their Acme experience. Between PODS containers and Acme’s packing experts, you’ll be amazed at how easy moving can be.

Give us a call today to learn more about our PODS services and how Acme can help you complete your stress-free move. Give us a call at 206-629-7147 or contact us online today!