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3 Moving Day Mistakes to Avoid

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Moving is a challenging endeavor. It’s a new beginning and a fresh start. Hence, everyone wants it to go as smoothly and stress-free as possible. However, in order to enjoy an untroubled moving day, you must avoid the common mistakes that often end up costing money and time. In this blog, we’ll list some common moving day mistakes and how you can avoid them.

ACME Moving Labor is renowned for its efficient moving labor services in Seattle. They have a well-trained and licensed team that provides several moving help services like packing help, loading, container storage, etc. So without further ado, let’s dive straight into learning about the top three common moving day mistakes you should avoid at any cost.

1. Not Labelling And Overpacking Boxes

One of the most common moving day mistakes is not labeling boxes properly. This can make locating items you need when you arrive at your new home difficult. Be sure to label boxes with the contents and which room they belong in.


Moreover, some people also end up overpacking boxes, making them too heavy and difficult to move. Avoid this moving day mistake by keeping boxes under 50 pounds or by using smaller boxes for heavier items.

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2. Not Hiring A Reputable Moving Company In Seattle

Moving on your own can be a mistake if you’re not experienced in moving heavy furniture or don’t have the proper equipment. Professional movers in Seattle can save you time and effort and ensure that your belongings are moved safely and efficiently.

3. Forgetting To Inform Utility Companies

Forgetting to notify utility companies can lead to interruptions in service or, even worse, bills for services you’re not using. Make sure to notify utility companies, including gas, water, electric, cable, and internet, well in advance of your move.

Hire ACME Moving Labor For A Smooth Moving Experience In Seattle

You can avoid all these common moving day mistakes by hiring a reputable moving companies seattle. ACME Moving Labor is one of the best in the field. We have more than fifteen years of experience on our hands. Our fully licensed and insured Seattle Movers ensures you have a smooth moving day. Let us take care of all the packing, planning, and transporting while you sit back and relax.


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