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Moving to a new home can be exciting but also really stressful. Some homeowners opt for the cost effective DIY-ing approach to moving; although it may seem like the most pocket-friendly approach but the drawbacks outweigh the cost considerations.

On the other hand, hiring an established moving company can reduce the burden and stress at every step of the way by two-folds!

Here’s why you should consider hiring a moving and packing service:

1. Protect your belongings — and yourself!

You may think that you can lift that heavy dresser all by yourself but chances are you’ll hurt yourself in the process. Items like large furniture, pianos or antiques, washer dryers or big screen TVs all require special handling — which can only be provided by professional movers. They not only eliminate the potential for injury but they also have the right equipment to handle your things.

Licensed movers can easily disassemble furniture and load and unload your items safely. Plus, they have the expertise to safely pack your fragile items.

2. De-stress yourself on the moving day

There are tons of things surrounding a move besides the actual moving. Perhaps you need to set up the utility service for the new house, look for a new school for the children, cancel your existing gym membership, say goodbyes to neighbors or simply spend your time making the new place homier. Professional movers free up a huge chunk of your time and take the moving day burden off your back — literally!

Get ready for your big move with the right truck; right resources, and the right tools—by having a highly trained staff simplify the whole moving fiasco.

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3. Save money in the longer run

Homeowners often think that they can save money during a move by hiring a few jacked-up guys to do the heavy lifting. That’s where they’re mistaken! As it turns out, you can end up saving money and time by hiring professional movers.

How, you ask?

People tend to underestimate the costs associated with moving on their own: the resulting breakage, loss of items and injuries. Not to mention the equipment and tools required for disassembling and moving large items. Add the moving trucks’ costs to the bill too.

On the contrary, if you were to hire our professional moving company, we not only have all the specialized equipment but we also offer licensed moving labor services in seattle and storage containers for a hassle-free move. Plus, our staff doesn’t charge for stairs or long carries and they stay until the job is done!

4. Quick service

Moving on a short notice can be tough— both physically and emotionally. You’re required to wrap up weeks of work in a few days! This is even more of a nightmare if you have old parents or kids at home. Balancing household chores with the stress of packing is easier said than done.

A moving company will get in and out of your home within no time with a trained staff that’s able to pull off any task securely and efficiently. You can even save up on the time and effort of unloading and unpacking at your new home.

Looking for a professional moving company in Seattle, WA? ACME Moving Labor is at your service! We can help you move interstate as well as cross country, stress-free! Our services are available 24/7 for all the last minute movers out there. We also offer professional packing services seattle.

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