When you’re moving homes, the liquids you have to pack are probably the last thing on your mind. People tend to stress out when they’re pressed for time to pack an entire home in a few days. The process is physically exhausting and can overwhelm you mentally too.

To add to all that tension, you also have to pack many liquids as part of your belongings. The liquids you have to pack include cleaning supplies, beauty products, shower products, pesticides, etc.

Here are some of the top tips on packing liquids for a move:

Know your prohibited liquids

carrying a lighter

Certain liquids cannot be packed because they’re dangerous to move long distance. Flammable gases, toxic substances, and poisons are prohibited liquids you cannot pack and take along with you.

While homeowners generally don’t need such liquids, many everyday items are prohibited too, like nail varnish remover, bleach, lighter fluid, fertilizer, pain, pesticides, and cleaning solvents. Movers won’t keep such items in their moving truck, so it’s better to get rid of them safely.

Sort out your liquids

There will be many liquids around your home and it’s overwhelming to pack them since they require special attention that can take up valuable time. All the liquids you have in your current home don’t need to be taken to your new home. Not only are most of these liquids unnecessary, but they are also destructive. It costs you more to transport them too. Take only the liquids that you really need.

Give away things you can easily get

Give away the liquids you can get when you reach your new place. You can give the toiletries, beauty products, dishwashing products, etc., to charities in the area.

Dispose of products that are almost finishing too. Many people tend to hold onto products till they squeeze the last drop out of them!

Stop buying them

When you get a confirmation that you’re moving to a new state, it’s best to hold back on buying new products. More products and liquids make packing that much more painstaking. If you stop stocking up on them, it’s going to be easier to finish them off!

Pack liquids in a plastic bin

Instead of using cardboard boxes to store your liquids, use a plastic box instead. The plastic won’t allow any of the liquids to infiltrate the cardboard box and your other belongings will stay safe from any moisture too.

Seal every container tightly

Seal the containers that hold these liquids really well. Sometimes, when we’re not paying attention to the bottle in our hands, they don’t seal correctly, and liquids tend to leak out. Shampoo bottles and skincare can easily pop open too. Make sure you’re spending extra time (and tape!) when packing them.

Once the container is sealed, put each liquid container in a Ziploc bag to prevent anything from getting contaminated or wasted. Make sure all these containers are stored in an upright position.

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