Seattle is now the fastest growing city in the country in terms of population growth and migration rates. Seattle’s population has grown by 18.7% in the past 8 years!

Intra-city move-ins here are also not uncommon. As people climb up the corporate ladder, they increase their standard of living by shifting into more appropriate neighborhoods.

So if you’re someone who’s been considering moving in or around Seattle, join the line! The city offers a lot more than just a beautiful skyline. It offers better job opportunities and an improved standard of living for those who move here.

Are You Excited About Your Move To A New Home?

Leaving a place you’ve called home for so long is difficult. But even more difficult is packing up your entire house all by yourself. One of your biggest worries while packing your stuff for a move is something breaking if you don’t pack it right. The thought is scary, and occurs more than you’d think.

Packing is a hassle if you don’t have great hacks to maximize packing space and minimize the risk of things breaking.

The following are some of the most useful tips that the team at Acme Moving Labor has used over the years:

Stay Organized With Color Coded Boxes

How you color code boxes is up to you. It can be a different color for each family member, which can then be broken down into labels for each category of items. It can be one color for kitchen supplies and another for bathroom supplies—you don’t want to pack them together, right?

These colors will help you identify your supplies and belongings. It will also make them easily accessible if you need them urgently at your new place.

unpacked suitcase

Separate Your China with Paper Plates

Have you spent a ton of money on your china? Is it a wedding gift?

Regardless of why it’s important, you’ll want to prevent your cutlery from breaking during the move. The easiest way to save your plates from breaking is to slip paper plates between each of them so they don’t clank together.

Take Pictures of Cords before Unplugging

The most frustrating thing to figure out once you unpack is how a system was plugged in. Whether it’s your sound system, printer, or the TV, you wouldn’t want to waste time on figuring out which cord goes where for an appliance to work.

Taking pictures of all your systems before unplugging them so you can plug them back in place as soon as you move in.

carefully packing fragile stuff

Use Drawers as Boxes

Instead of removing items from your drawers and placing them in a box—only to have to place them back in the drawer later—consider using them as a box. Use stretch tape to cover the top of your drawers.

This hack can save you time, space, and money that you would otherwise spend on buying boxes—which you will eventually throw out.

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