From scanners and printers to high-end film gear and laptops, there are lots of gadgets that you’ll want to take with you to your new home. However, it can be extremely frustrating to reach your new home and find that your expensive camera has been damaged, or your tablet had been soaked in the rain and is no longer working.

Given the sophisticated and fragile nature of modern electronics, you would not want to rule anything out.

The good news is you can ensure better safety of your tech items while moving by following these 6 packing tips:

Follow the recommendations from the manufacturer

It’s time to get the old manual out and follow the packing and storage instructions that the manufacturer has listed in it.

Can’t find the manual?

Look for it over the internet or visit the manufacturer’s website and download it from there. Fetch some antistatic bubble wraps for extra padding.

Use the original box for packing

Electronic items are best protected in their original packing.

Lost the packing?

Don’t worry, walk down to your local store and get some high quality packaging materials to pack your gadgets.

Look for thick boxes, polystyrene padding and strong packing tape in particular.

Disassemble the equipment before putting it in the box

Assembled equipment can break easily in transit. Therefore, disassemble it first and then put it in the box.

Worried about the tedious and complicated reassembly?

Take pictures before you start disassembling the equipment. Use these pictures later to put the components back together correctly.

Provide climate control storage conditions for temperature sensitive equipment

Laptops, batteries and computers are temperature sensitive and can easily get damaged if exposed to extremely hot or cold weather.

Talk to your moving company about this and ask for climate controlled storage and transport solution.

Ensure dust protection

Dust can irreversibly damage electronics. And there’s a good chance that during the moving process, dust might get into your electronics if you don’t pack them properly.

Use packing paper to protect your gadgets from dust. Vacuum the gadgets after unpacking to remove any dust accumulation.

Never ever make it clear on the boxes that they contain electronics

Why so?

Electronics are valuable items. You don’t want potential thieves to know that packing your boxes contain electronic items. This is especially important if you plan to store the electronics overnight.

Instead, use some different marking scheme and make sure to communicate it with your moving company, so that only they would know what’s inside and that these boxes need to be handled with extra care.

labeling packages

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