While winter is a great time to move—moving companies usually charge less in winter and are more accommodating to your schedule—ice, snow, biting winds and limited daylight can present challenges of their own and have your work cut out on the moving day.

Are you moving house this winter?

We’ve got some tips for you to make your winter move smooth, safe and stress-free.

Keep the weather forecast in check

Snow can be fun to play in. It can be nice for photographs. But it can make a real mess of your moving plans.

Snow can block the roads and highways and hinder your journey; at worse, it can damage your items loaded on the van. It’s, therefore, vital to keep a sharp eye on the weather to be wary of any approaching snow storm.

  • Check the long range forecasts.
  • Have an alternate plan worked out with your moving company just in case the dreaded happens.

Be mindful of the limited daylight

Days in winter are shorter, and it starts getting dark at around 4 pm in most parts of the country.

Keep this in mind when planning your moving activities. You don’t want to be unloading the trailer in pitch dark conditions.

We’d advise that you start with your move in early hours of the morning and get done with everything by noon, so that you can reach your new home when the sun is still up and shining.

Notify your utility providers in advance about your moving date

Let your utility providers know when you plan to move to your new home, the exact date and expected time of arrival, so that they can have the heating and lights on by the time you reach there.

Spending even a few hours in a house with no electricity or gas can be difficult, especially when the temperature outside is low and dipping into teens. It’s the last thing you want after a tiring and hectic moving day.

Waterproof your valuables

Snow and winter rain can get the better of your household items and appliances during relocation.

Make sure to pack your valuables carefully to avoid any water damage. Use plastic sheets inside the packing boxes to waterproof the items.

tip for moving during winters

Stock up on food

Stock enough food to last a couple of weeks at least, so that you don’t have to worry about going out in cold, frigid weather to do grocery shopping in an area unknown to you.

We wish you all the best for your winter move, and hope your new home brings you many new memories to cherish.

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