Around 40 million Americans move from one place to another every year. Through Forbes’ interactive map for American Migration, you can see these trends for each county.

In our case, Seattle receives more migrants from different places across the country than it sends out. This means that more and more people are settling in Seattle due to the diverse opportunities and the standard of lifestyle it provides.

People move for various reasons. These include students moving away for college; finding better job opportunities, housing, or healthcare; looking to live in a more peaceful area; or even downsizing.

If you’ve decided to change your city or your house, you might be confused about what to look for in your new place. One rule of thumb is to look for more appropriate living conditions than the place you’re living in currently.

Moving houses is a big decision; hence, you want to make sure that it’s worth it. The following are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you move:

What Will I Miss?

Despite the simplicity of this question, it’s a tough one to answer. Most people look for familiar things when they move into a new home. Whether it’s a similar neighborhood or familiar living standards, in the first few weeks, you’ll keep thinking about how things were way better “back home.”

Making a list of things you might miss about your current place will help you figure out what you can compromise on and what is completely non-negotiable. This list will also help you look for a suitable house and an appropriate neighborhood that you are comfortable in.

Pile of packed stuff

Have I Saved Up Enough Money?

Moving out comes with a lot of planned and unplanned expenditures. You might have already planned for your new home’s down-payment or mortgage insurance, but it takes time to navigate a new neighborhood.

What plumber do you go to when a sewage line breaks down? That car repair shop in the area is most affordable? These are some necessary expenses that will crop up unplanned. You should only move out of your current home if you are sure that you’ll be able to afford these unplanned expenses.

What’s The New Area Like?

Will the cost of living in your neighborhood affordable? Are you trying to downsize? Are there enough job opportunities for you there? What’s the climate like? Will you be comfortable with new cultural trends, if there are any?

These questions will shape your new life and may help you start it on a good note.

Unloading boxes from a van

Should I Move Without Any Professional Help?

If you’re moving at a shorter distance or have no fragile or heavy belongings, then you may be able to move on your own.

However, if there are too many things to be packed and moved that might break your back, it’s a wise idea to hire movers so that they can burden of carrying heavy boxes and furniture off your shoulders.

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