While moving sounds like a stressful prospect throughout the year, there is something strangely poetic about a springtime move. Spring is all about new beginnings and positivity, and that is exactly the vibe you need when moving into a new house.

This transitional time of the year is the perfect moment to make the big move that you’ve been putting off for so long. Not only is the outdoor weather pleasant enough to get things done during the move (unlike the awfully cold winters and hot summers), but it’s also the ideal time for a fresh start.

Here are a few tips for a successful springtime move and a few mistakes you should definitely avoid.

Do: Plan the Move Early

Winging things when moving homes is the worst mistake you could make. So, the earlier you start planning, the smoother the whole process would feel. This becomes even more important during the spring as it’s a busy time of the year. You may need to micromanage and plan to a T to make sure there are no pitfalls on the day of the move.

For starters, you can plan the following factors:

  • A general timeline for the move—this will help you stay on track and will also let you know when you’d need to take the week off from work.
  • The budget—moving can incur a lot of expenses; it’s a good idea to try and estimate as much of these as possible to avoid feeling too overwhelmed later.
  • Make all the lists you need to, from to-do lists to donation lists; now’s the time to do them because nobody has the time to sit down and fumble around with stationary last minute.
  • Research and finalize the moving services you’ll be using since spring is a busy time, and delaying this could mean a sub-par service at high rates.

Don’t: Leave Your Utilities till The Last Minute

Unless you’re a seasoned camper who loves adventure, you can’t survive without utilities for too long. This is why it’s important to plan out properly and have them transferred in a timely fashion before or during the moving process.

We highly suggest you have most utilities like heat, electricity, water, internet, and phone services set up before the day of your move. Additionally, you might have to cancel or close certain accounts at your former address.

Because spring is a busy time when it comes to moving, contacting your utility service companies earlier is a wise move. Otherwise, you could be put on hold for extensive periods, which will take up precious time during the move and will cause a lot of stress.

Do: Monitor the Weather

A rain-splattered lens during a shot in Seattle


In general, spring is a rather peculiarly pleasant time of the year, especially in Seattle, where the weather is exceptionally unpredictable. But while this unpredictably can feel exciting on regular days, it can become a nightmare if you’re planning to move.

For this reason, it’s incredibly important to keep an eye on the weather forecast; you don’t want to be moving on a chilly, overcast day. But since you can only plan to a certain extent, there’s always a chance of everything going haywire, so make sure to have a backup plan ready.

In case it rains on the day of your move, you can either halt the process and start the next day or prepare covers for your belongings in advance.

However, a reliable and professional moving service like ours has backup plans ready in case it rains on the day of your move.

Don’t: Skip Annual Spring Cleaning

We highly recommend moving after your spring cleaning because it completes half the moving job anyway. A lot of people may skip it if they’re about to move, but it should be the opposite. Once you know you’ll be moving in the spring, incorporate a spring-cleaning session in your moving timeline.

This will essentially help you accomplish two very important things. Decluttering can help you sort through items you wish to take to the new house and separate the one’s you want to donate.

And, as a general rule of thumb, you should clean everything before you move it to your new house as it takes the task of setting up the new home much easier. So, during spring cleaning, you’ll be able to clean each small belonging before you move it.

You can also hold a garage sale for some of your belongings, this will help you make extra cash that can used during the move.

Do: Start Early on The Day of The Move

Two people carrying boxes from the car and into the house


Most cities are bustling during spring, with locals out and about enjoying the beautiful weather as well as tourists making the most of the seasonal views and activities. But it is even more so in Seattle, given that the city is restless during most of the daylight hours, even on regular days.

Because the traffic is so terrible in most metropolitan cities, it’s a good idea to get an early start on the day of the move. You can even start slightly before dawn. A head start might mean that you’d be able to get a break during the busy morning hours when the city is getting to work or during the other peak hours throughout the day.

Starting early would also help you arrive well before sunset because days aren’t that long during spring, and you’d want to finish settling in the new house during daylight hours and not in the dark.

Don’t: Forget Spring Allergies

While we recommend starting early, one must not forget pollen allergies. People have very different reactions to pollen, ranging from moderate to severe. This makes a springtime move slightly challenging.

If you do have any known allergies associated with spring, you’d want to take some extra precautions such as:

  • Delay the move until early afternoon, as pollen allergies get worst during the early hours.
  • Don’t move on a windy day.
  • Keep allergy medication handy for the day of the move.
  • Wear a pollen mask.
  • Seal your belongings well to keep out any pollen.

Do: Book Your Movers Early

Another thing to keep in mind is spring is a busy time, which is why you should book your move with a professional moving service early on. This will ensure that you get a professional and reliable company of your choice and that too, at competitive pricing.

Planning a move can be quite overwhelming. Whether you’re moving from a different city or making a move within Seattle, we can be your Seattle moving help!

With us, you won’t have to worry about any of the dos and don’ts. From the biggest problems to the tiniest details, we’ll figure it all out for you. We’re also one of the best long-distance moving companies in Seattle, so you can be sure that’ll we’ll take care of it all no matter what season you decide to move in.

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