Moving to a new place is usually stressful. Not only because you have so much to do, but also because there are so many important decisions to make; ones that can cost you a pretty hefty amount of money if messed up.

One of these decisions is choosing a reliable moving company to help you make a smooth transition. This is a pretty exhausting task, since you need to carry out extensive research to make sure that the company you hire is trustworthy. This starts with the moving survey, or, as some people like to call it, a pre-move survey.

Most people are confused about what this entails and if they really need it; so let’s break it down.

Why is a moving survey important?

A moving survey helps you to determine an accurate cost for your move. It also helps the company you’re working with get a handle on how much crew they’ll need to send, how many trucks will be required, what equipment to bring, and how long the move will take.

Since every move is unique, this survey helps moving companies quote a fair price for their services. It also helps you get a better perspective on their cost ranges and if you’re overpaying—so it works both ways.

What a moving survey entails

know your contractor

Typically, during an in-home moving survey, a representative from the company will visit your house. You will then be required to show them around so they can create an inventory of all the items that need to be moved, this is usually done using software and a tablet.

Once the survey is over, you can discuss the services, costs and labor with the representative. This is also a good time to answer any questions that you may have.

An in-home moving survey usually takes anywhere from 25–45 minutes depending on the size of your property and how much time it takes to discuss things after reviewing,

So do you need one?

Apart from the fact that a moving survey will give you a chance to judge if you’re being overcharged, it also gives you an opportunity to get to know the company you’re working with a little bit. It’s is the perfect time to judge their professionalism, ask them as many questions as you want and get to understand the process better. Here are a few pointers to evaluate during the survey.

  • Check if the representative arrived on time
  • If the representative is dressed professionally
  • Does the presented move plan suit your needs
  • Do you feel like you can trust the company
  • Is the representative able to confidently answer your questions?

Need help moving?

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