1. How to Protect Floors and Carpets during a Move

    When you’re moving out of your house to a new location, it's quite a daunting task since you need to take all your belongings with you. During the move, while you're moving the furniture across the floor, you may damage the flooring surface or the walls. Any kind of scratches or dents can make the house look unappealing. (more…)…Read More

  2. 19 Moving Day Missteps to Avoid in 2021

    Are you considering moving this year to a new location? Moving is a very tedious process and you need to prepare and be organized for it. You can go through a rollercoaster of emotions of being overwhelmed while packing and feeling sad to leave your old house filled with memories while being excited about the new one. (more…)…Read More

  3. Settling In Seattle: 4 Kid-Friendly Activities

    Even if you’re moving houses is for the better, it can be extremely stressful for children in particular. While some might pack up their bags in the hope of a new and better bedroom, the process can be overwhelming for others. They usually don't understand the idea of moving away from the neighborhood, leaving behind a home filled with memories. Your child will need some attention and care durin…Read More

  4. Tips for Moving into a Smaller House

    It has become quite normal for families to downsize their homes. With all the cost-saving that comes with moving into a smaller space, can benefit a family in many ways.  Living in a large house is always exciting but for the breadwinner of the house it can be a burdensome process due to the high maintenance. Just like most things, moving into a smaller house also has its downside and we will pro…Read More

  5. The Do’s and Don’ts of Moving to A New City in 2021

    Millennials are going places—literally. Seattle, Columbus, San Diego and Austin are some of the most likely cities for millennials to move to owing to their less expensive living costs. Research suggests that young people move cities to access more educational opportunities and facilities while escaping the increasing housing costs. (more…)…Read More