1. Tips to Pack Fragile Items

    Moving to a new house means starting the arduous process of carefully packing up all the belongings you’ve collected over the months or years (or decades, in some cases!). (more…)…Read More

  2. How to Throw an Unforgettable Housewarming Party After Moving

    Have you finally bought your dream home? Congratulations! Owning a property provides several economic benefits and help build equity. It definitely calls for a celebration. Once you move in, consider inviting your family and close friends to show your new place. (more…)…Read More

  3. Moving Offices? Here Are 4 Challenges force You Need to be Prepared For

    If you thought moving houses was the most difficult move you’ll ever have to do, brace yourself for moving offices. It’s like the hassle of moving houses times five. And since this is Seattle we’re talking about, the offices are a league of their own entirely. Since the spaces are bigger and you have a greater number of things to pack, the challenges too are on a whole different level. So, …Read More

  4. Have A Big Move Coming Up? Here’s What You Need to Know about Packing

    So, you’ve found a house, you’ve closed the deal, and you’ve made preparations for the big move. You might think that the hard part is over—finding an ideal residence and closing the deal on it—but you couldn’t be more wrong. If you thought finding a house took time, you’re in for a surprise: packing can take longer if you don’t do it right. (more…)…Read More