1. Planning Moving According to Seattle Weather

    Seattle is known for business, Starbucks, and rain. Lots of rain. But just like it isn’t always sunny in Philadelphia, it isn’t always raining in Seattle. In fact, there are countless times of the year that are perfect for moving from Kent to Seattle. The Winters From November through January you can generally expect the weather in Seattle to be cold, but with clear skies. Even in the winters…Read More

  2. The Trickiest Challenges You Can Face on Moving Day

    The only day more stressful than a moving day is your wedding day—and that too is a day when you’re moving from one part of your life to another. And while a wedding day may be rife with challenges such as an un-ironed tuxedo or an uninterested best man, the challenges that you face on moving day are far worse. (more…)…Read More

  3. Why Is It Important to Care for Your Children’s Wishes When Picking a New Place

    If you think about the many reasons why you feel a sense of attachment for your house, childhood memories trump all. Childhood is one of those golden times of your life when the biggest of problems never got bigger than flunking a test at school. (more…)…Read More