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ACME Moving Labor is certified by the International Office Moving Institute, “IOMI”

Commercial Moving Services

Our Commercial Moving Services

Are you looking for a moving company that is both affordable and reliable? ACME Moving Labor is the answer to your prayers!

Whether you’re looking to expand your business to other areas of Seattle or the Northwest area, or your lease has expired, you’ll likely need to relocate or move your business.

ACME Moving Labor, LLC is a certified Office And Commercial Moving Company by the International Office Moving Institute “IOMI”.

Being certified by the IOMI establishes that we provide our valued customers with 100% reliable commercial moving services. We pay special attention to minimizing the risks of damage to walls, floors, doors, and elevators during the move. Our staff is also careful to minimize the risks of damage to furniture and computers during the move. And lastly, we make sure to finish the move on time.

Our commercial moving services thus have been designed to integrate the best of functionality and pricing, providing you with a stress-free relocation with the least amount of work and the maximum savings. Since we are hybrid movers, our commercial moving services can assist you with your relocation and cater to your special business requirements so that you get everything you need at a cost you can afford.

By working with ACME Moving Labor, you can enjoy the best of both worlds without spending a fortune. With our commercial moving services, you get a commercial mover and business relocator– all under one roof.

With ACME Moving Labor, you can rest assured that we have the experience and expertise of over 15 years to take care of whatever move needs handling. So, whether you need commercial movers to just help you pack up your business’s office equipment or need help with facility moving into an entirely new place, we’re here for you.

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With over 15 years of experience operating in this industry, our professional movers specialize in keeping things organized and maintaining a list of all your valuables. We’ll help you organize all your belongings, so there’s no confusion about where anything goes, and if there’s any confusion about how much stuff there is, we’ll help figure it out for you.

We’ll also provide expert packing tips so that everything arrives safely at its destination in one piece. So, all you need to care about is resuming work once the relocation and moving processes are over!

So, if you want to find out how our dedicated team of commercial movers can help your business relocate in the right direction, call us today! You can also schedule the appointment online by filling out the contact form.

What to Expect From Our Professional Commercial Movers?

When you hire us for commercial moving services, we bring the following solutions to the table:

  • Our professional movers will draft a thorough course of action detailing how the move will take place.
  • Our professional commercial movers also understand workplace and office regulations and lease details to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Our team provides organized packing and item/asset listing.
  • We ensure safe and swift loading, moving, and unloading.
  • We offer careful unpacking after unloading.

Enjoy Stress-Free Commercial Relocation With Us

When you need a commercial mover, you need ACME Moving Services.

We know that moving can be stressful—even more stressful when you don’t know what to expect. But with ACME Moving Labor, we ensure that every step of your commercial move goes smoothly from start to finish.

We are a full-service moving company that specializes in commercial moves. We’ve been in business for over 15 years and have been moving people, products, and supplies across Seattle and Northwest Area.

At ACME Moving Labor, we understand that a move is a big deal, and thus, we take pride in our commitment to providing the best commercial moving service possible. We can help all sizes of businesses relocate while causing the least amount of disturbance to their daily operations.


Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable about all aspects of commercial property moving, so you can be sure that we will get the job done right!

So if you’re trying to move your office or set up a new facility, we’ll be happy to help! Whether you need help loading up your old workspace and getting it onto your new property or helping with the setup process at a new commercial location, don’t hesitate to ask!

And if you’re looking for something smaller? We do that too! Whether it’s a few boxes of documents or just moving around some furniture that hasn’t been used in years but didn’t have anywhere else to go (yet), we can help!

So don’t wait any longer—rely on the best commercial movers when moving your company and call us today or get free consultation services!

Are you moving your business to Seattle or nearby areas? Hiring commercial moving services is a must for a smooth and stress-free moving experience. Choosing ACME Moving Labor can be one of the best decisions you have ever made! We are certified by the International Office Moving Institute, and during our fifteen years in the industry, we have helped move several offices in Seattle. Our licensed and insured team ensures that all the office equipment is properly packed and loaded into containers to reach the allocated destination. We take special care while transporting sensitive materials and digital devices so that they’re not damaged during the relocation.

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