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ACME Moving Labor is certified by the International Office Moving Institute, “IOMI”


Fast, Efficient, and Organized Lumping Services in WA!

Unprofessional or poorly managed lumping practices can harm your business’s supply chain function and lead to unwanted delays and escalated costs; this is why you need a reliable lumping company.

At Acme Moving Labor, we strive to help supply chain businesses master their non-core competencies at an affordable rate. Our lumping services in Spokane have earned a positive reputation in the industry due to our team’s expertise and professionalism.

Hiring a proficient lumping services provider can help you access a certified freight moving team without hiring a full-service lumping company. It reduces costs associated with local and long-distance moves, protects your freight, and minimizes freight damage risks.

A Holistic Suite of Lumping Services to Meet Your Unique Business Needs

Lumping is an integral part of the entire supply chain process. It’s an informal term for freight movement or freight transportation. Lumping involves inbound and outbound freight loading and unloading by a third-party team other than your motor carrier or shipping company. With ACME Moving Labor’s lumper and driver assist, you can avail a mix of the following lumping services in Seattle:

Freight Loading

Our team can tailor lumping services according to your truck, container, rail car, and storage facility’s specific requirements.

Freight Unloading

You can count on us for reliable and safe unloading services for trucks, containers, rail cars, and storage facilities. Our lumper trucking staff handles goods with ultimate care and ensures lower dock time.

Downstacking and Palletizing

Our full-service lumping services also include loaded ocean container unloading and palletizing according to each client’s unique TIxHI specifications.

Pallet Re-Stacking

Our staff also assists drivers with pallet reconfigurations for overturned freight and helps clients prevent material damage by optimizing load, weight, stability, pallet conditions, safety limits, and warehousing requirements.

Freight Running

Hire us to reduce your employees’ burden and responsibilities. Our staff can move loads across your facility and warehouse with maximum productivity level. Professional lumping services in Washington are also effective for preventing worker injuries, overtime costs, and personal liability claims.

Weigh Station Re-work

Our staff performs professional product rearrangement on trailers to meet highway weight requirements. We partner with local tool and equipment rental facilities to rearrange products on your trailers.

Transloading & Cross Docking

Running a logistics company is not everyone’s cup of tea. But with ACME Moving Labor’s help, you can master this art. Our team can assist you throughout the freight movement process. Whether you need the product moved from a container to a trailer or a trailer into a facility, our qualified individuals can get the job done without increasing dock time, detention costs, and load rejections.

Warehouse Staffing

Our lumper service team is equipped and trained to perform everything from freight packaging and assembly line jobs to warehouse supervision and more. Let us help you create and maintain a safe, productive warehouse environment with all kinds of labor and no hassle temp-to-perm transitions.

Improve Your Product’s Transport Safety with Competent Lumping Services in WA

Partnering with a reliable lumper company in Anarcotes can take the burden off your supply chain manager’s shoulders and improve freight management success across the board.

We offer a holistic 3PL alternative to an in-house loading and unloading team. Our team prioritizes load safety and process accountability to minimize freight movement delays.

Here’s why you should contact Acme Moving Labor for foolproof lumping trucking and driver assist in Seattle, WA:

  • Reduce accident risks caused by driver fatigue

  • Improve your truck drivers’ satisfaction and well-being by reducing their workload

  • Streamline your company’s relationship with shippers and motor carriers

  • Offer in-house pallet configurations according to the type, size, and amount of your material

  • Fast-track the loading and unloading process without putting extra pressure on truck drivers

  • Meet fulfillment requirements during peak-demand seasons

  • Optimize floor-to-load conversions and vice versa

Whenever you need a recognized, dedicated, and energetic team of lumpers in Seattle, call us right away. We use proven techniques and industry best practices to streamline your freight management costs and safety!

Get in Touch with Acme Moving Labor Today

As an International Office Moving Institute-certified local moving labor company, our lumping services in WA guarantee quality, quick response time, and efficiency. Our team has assisted numerous trucking transportation companies in the Spokane, Anarcotes, Seattle, Auburn, and Northwest Seattle areas.

In addition to professional lumpers in WA, we offer efficient packing, unpacking, loading, and freight storage experts. Contact us today for more details.


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